August 7th, 2017

FIC: Of Flesh and Grace and Something In Between - Team Shoot and Destiel [14a] - CHAPTER 1

Title: Of Flesh and Grance and Something In Between
Author(s): Mistina60 of the Crank ol' Fangirls
Beta: MY MOM!!! (Seriously, Mistina60's mother proof read this chapter)
Series: Person of Interest and Supernatural
Pairing(s): Shaw/Root (Team Shoot), Dean/Castiel (Destiel)

Rating: 14a

Spoilers: "Person of Interest" through to 4x11 and "Supernatural" through to 8x23
Length: 2,181 words

Summary: Shaw can't believe this is her new life. Afterlife? Unlife? Second life? Ugh. Whatever. She has more important things to figure out. Like how the Hell she became the nexus between a bloody civil war up in Heaven and the battle between two God-like A.I. machines down here on Earth?!

Author's Note: After watching "Person of Interest" 4x11, I was in denial and I immediately put together a crossover fix it to pacify myself. Later the show revealed that I had nothing to be worried about. Well, not when it comes to Shaw. ^^;;

This is that fix it. I hope you enjoy my canon denial. <3





The world went black.

She felt heavy.

Sinking down, down, down.

The abyss reached for her.

Pulling her down, down, down.

Collapse )